Minster Bowls Club

       Founded 1937      Affiliated to:  BOWLS ENGLAND  :  K.C.B.A  :  K.C.W.B.A.  :  I.O.T.B.A.  :  E.K.S.M.B.A.


Minster Bowls Club -
SM Mixed 4's League (Friday 4's)

   The Green, Molineux Road, Minster-in-Thanet, Ramsgate, CT12 4DW  01843 824082
   Hon. Secretary Email:


2000   P. Wooldridge, E. Rouse, I. Rouse, R. Razzell
2001   G. Hibbert, G. Hibbert, J Shears, J. Shears
2002   J. Rendell, J. Wilson, E. Wilson, G. Brown
2003   J. Humphreys, J. Wallington, E. Wilson, J. Wilson
2004   K. East, R. East, L. Hammond, L. Stephenson
2005   J. Humphreys, P. Wooldridge, R. Thorp, J. Wallington, J. Robins, E. Wilson
2006   J. Humphreys, J. Souter, J, Wilson, M. Smith, J. Pluckrose, F. Lusby
2007   J. Cleveland, F. Lusby, A. Empson, J. Shears, J. Pluckrose, J. Robins
2008   S. Davis, P. Churchley, G. Axford, B. Robins, A. Griffiths, V. Jarvis
2009   J. Shears, R. Thorp, A. Godden, C. Rolfe, D. Washer, W. Atkins
2010   T. Elson, B. Hedges, J. Atkins, J. Webster, T. Wilson, B. White
2011   J. Robins, A. Fairbrass, R. Empson, G. Setterfield, B. Hedges, C. Rolfe
2012   I. Rouse, P. Churchley, B. White, J. Webster, J. Shears, D. Osmerod
2013   P. Churchley, D. Carter, M. Elson, B. Abethell, J. Shears, J. Boldock
2014   I. Rouse, B. Abethell, J. Atkins, A. Blake, M. Hedges, M. Lendrum
2015   P. Churchley, C. Burton, K. Empson, T. Lewis, B. West, B. Morphew
2016   T. Elson, I. Rouse, T Lewis, J. Carter, D. Carter, J. Day
2017   M. Lendrum, A. Blake, C. Burton, J. Carter, K. Empson, K. Gent

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